Our signature cotton is OEKO-TEX ® certified and has its origin in Portugal. Wherever we can, we try to use stocked fabrics to avoid additional production. Hence our colour availability changes throughout the year.
We also work with local suppliers from Poland and Italy to source seasonal and new fabrics.


As part of our commitment to our sustainability principles and our support to the local economy, we manage all of our production in house. Monica has strong and friendly relationships with her whole team as part of her principles of embracing positivity. In our Warsaw based atelier she personally ensures the highest working conditions and environment, and of course wages.


We are made-to-order - or in other words: stockless. That means we only produce upon order, including all orders placed in our online store. This allows us to reduce waste and overproduction, as well as make every item handmade.
For this reason it may take up to two weeks for your order to arrive. We ensure the highest possible quality in a sustainable and efficient way.


By being a made-to-order brand, we already avoid waste on a daily basis. While we are not pressured by stock levels, we also aim to avoid as much waste as possible during our production. All the ties, belts and bows you see on our styles are a result of the re-usage of fabric cutting. This way we ensure our fabrics are used in the most efficient way. Once ready, all of our orders are packed and shipped in recyclable packaging.


Be conscious and shop sustainably with Monica Nera.